Compagny’s activity


This activity commenced in 1980 wtih the marketing of casing processing equipment for abattoirs and then diversified into equipment capable of processing tripe (1st stomach and 3rd stomach of beef, dehairing of heads, feet and muzzles of beef) and, in general, the majority of FIFTH QUARTER products (excluding red offal)

STAINLESS STEEL equipment production and trade for the salting industry and abattoirs.

Some requirements are governed by the European health standards whilst also corresponding to a need to encance the sub-products originating from abattoirs.

The company’s current activity is made up of several product ranges:

Casing equipment

Most of the equipment is marketed in our capacity as exclusive reseller for the English company, BITTERLING, the world leader for this type of equipment.
These are machines capable continuously processing hog, beef or sheep casings coming off the abattoirs lines.
The range of equipment offered can be adapted to all existing outputs, including the fastest. Some complementary equipment is either manufactured by the company (chaudinettes, chitterling turning and reversing tubes, desliming and defatting machines, beef middle cleaners), or bought from other suppliers (eg: casing pullers, pneumatic knives, measuring machines).

Tripe factory equipment

This range of machines was produced by the MECAL company prior to being bought up. Almost all the machines are designed and manufactured by M.C.M. either in its works or in the premises of subcontractors it has selected.
This is very complete range of equipment adapted to all abattoir production outputs capable of automatic or manual processing of 1st stomachs, 3rd stomachs, heads and feet or beef or calves.
The company is particulary known and appreciated for its execution of complex and complete assemblies (list of main customers enclosed)

Treatment of animals blood

In 1998 the company has bought the patent for the recovering under pressure of animals blood in slaugherhouse for squarring off.

Equipment for the poultry industry

As a complement to this equipment, the company has extended its know-how to equipment capable of processing poultry viscera (chicken, turkey, rabbit).

Cutting equipment

M.C.M. has developed a versatile machine to automatically tie pieces of meat (pork, beef, veal, lamb).
Nearly 25 installations have been executed to date and more potential promissing plants are foreseeable in the years to come. No other similar equipment is currently available on the market.


This includes the following equipment:

Machines to tie saucissons after stuffing

the company has designed and developed two complementary machines, one high-output machine to tie standard products and one slighty slower but versatile with simultaneous loop fitting,

Machines putting large pieces into nets

the company has designed and developed a machine to put big salted pieces into nets after stuffing.

Clipping machine

M.C.M. exclusively markets a complete range of manual or automatic equipment to clip sausages or saucissons for the Italian company, TECNO BRIANZA.

Other equipment

Still with TECNO BRIANZA, the company markets equipment to continuously tie sausages, tying meat olives, fitting loops on pieces of meat as well threading casings onto tubes.